Sexual misconduct

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Identifying and handling sexual misconduct 

The University defines sexual misconduct as:

  • Engaging or attempting to engage in sexual intercourse or a sexual act where consent is not or cannot be given
  • Sharing another person's private sexual materials without their consent
  • Kissing/inappropriately touching without consent
  • Inappropriately showing sexual organs to another person
  • Making unwanted remarks, sounds or gestures of a sexual nature
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What happens if I report an incident?

If you report an incident it will be confidentially logged. Your wishes will be central to the University's decision as to how to take forward an incident of sexual misconduct.

Once you report an incident, you will be invited to a meeting with a representative of the University. At this meeting you will receive an offer of support and a safeguarding assessment, followed by the implementation of any recommended safeguards such as ensuring that adequate barriers are in place between yourself and the offending party.

You will then be given a number of formal reporting options, which include:

  • Reporting the incident to the Police
  • Receiving support from The Topaz Centre
  • Requesting that the University investigate the incident under the Code of Discipline for Students
  • Making no formal report of the incident

Report + Support

Note that, in exceptional circumstances (those relating to the safety of our community), the University reserves the right to progress any of the actions outlined opposite. We will make every effort to respect your wishes as far as possible.

Where an incident is NOT referred to the police, a Review Panel will convene (regardless of the formal reporting option chosen, including not making a formal report).

After assessing the case, the Review Panel can take any of the following actions:

  • Dismiss the case and take no further action
  • Propose the use of mediation or processes related to the Dignity Policy
  • Refer the case to a University Assessor
  • Refer the case to the appropriate staff member to enact Fitness to Practise proceedings
  • Refer the case to the Police
  • Requested a furthre investigation and evidence

If a case is referred to the University Assessor, they will decide the final course of action as outlined above.




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