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As described in the Home Office’s Hate Crime 2018/19 report, the number of recorded hate crimes across England and Wales has been rising since 2012. We know this is a problem endemic to the whole of the UK, but the University of Nottingham’s No Place for Hate campaign sends a clear message: there is no tolerance for hate on our campuses.

But that’s still not good enough. Because we all know that it doesn’t have to be a hate crime to hurt. This campaign is an opportunity to explore all aspects of diversity and inclusivity, and to learn how to make our campuses welcoming places for everyone. None of us are perfect, but we can all learn to do better.

#WeAreUoN and we are united by our diversity.

About this video

Claire Thompson - Associate Director, Student Wellbeing

Following the death of Sarah Everard, I was struck by the stories young women shared of their experiences of public sexual harassment. It resonated so much with my own experiences when I was younger and I wanted to take positive action to raise greater awareness of the impact of this type of harassment.

Following this, the university focused on Misogyny and Public Sexual Harassment for the No Place of Hate Campaign in October 2021. A student at the university, Emily Garton, collected testimonies from students about their experiences. Some had given permission to use these to make a video to raise awareness.

The video aims to highlight the impact of public sexual harassment which often feels dismissed and to encourage anyone experiencing this behaviour to know their right to report. The video gives a voice to women who are disproportionately affected by this issue, however it is important to recognise it can happen to anyone in our community and it is never acceptable.

Sexual harassment occurs across our society, throughout the UK, but I am proud to live in a city which was the first to recognise misogyny as a hate crime and to work and study in a university which is pro-actively calling this behaviour out and saying ‘we can and will change this’.


Emily Garton - Women's* Officer, Students' Union

In February 2021, I launched the #StudentsNotObjects campaign at UoN with Our Streets Now as part of their Higher Education scheme. I had been experiencing public sexual harassment (PSH) almost daily whilst travelling to and from campus and decided to take action against it. So I wrote an open letter to the university and began collecting testimonies from students describing their experiences of PSH in Nottingham and on campus – you can read some of these on our Instagram page.

I found that I was not alone in the way I felt and that lots of my peers had also had similar experiences. I had more support for my campaign from the university and other students than I had ever expected and throughout the term worked to tackle this problem, largely informed by suggestions from testimonies. Towards the end of last term we decided to create this video to bring light to the issue and share just a few of the testimonies that we had permission to include.

We hope that this will help to raise awareness of the issue while also showing those who are regularly subjected to this behaviour that they are not alone, can report these incidents at UoN and that there is support available to help us through it.








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