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About the service

The university has a Compute service which includes both on-site and cloud based high performance computing.

Who is the service for?

The on-site High Performance Computer (HPC), is available to any research student or member of academic staff, from any School or Faculty, who has the need for compute resource substantially greater than a standard PC.

This includes those who can run their applications on a PC, but find the calculations tie up their machine for an excessive amount of time, as well as those who need more processors and/or computer memory.

What does the service cost?

Use of the UoN Compute Service including HPC will need to be costed into research funding bids. 

Full costs for the Compute service are available on our Digital Research pages (login required).

How do I access the service?

The Digital Research pages include documentation on how to access and use the service, as well as guidance on training courses, background information and links to further resources.

How do I get support for the service?

First time users and those with questions about how to make best use of the service are encouraged to watch the 'What is HPC?' video on our Digital Research page, which outlines the service in more detail.

You can also to contact a Digital Research Specialist or the Digital Research Service for advice and support.

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