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Discover Gartner, the world-class IT research and advisory resource.



What is Gartner?

check_circle   A world-class IT research and advisory resource

check_circle   Staff and students at all university campuses can access Gartner

check_circle   After logging in for the first time you will be sent a registration confirmation email with further information about using the service and a link to the Quick Start Guide

check_circle   Guidance can be found on the Gartner website


Log in using your university username and password:

Gartner (UK)

Gartner (China)

Gartner (Malaysia)



What can I use Gartner for?


  • Identify each market’s major players — they’re your future employers
  • Monitor the challenges and opportunities in the industry
  • Stay current with data and language
  • Deepen your understanding of critical concepts
  • Apply theory through real-life, market based analysis

Research and teaching staff

  • Plan your courses based on what will be topical in business and IT in the next few years
  • Use the data and information to substantiate your research papers
  • Use the research in your teaching

Professional Services staff

  • Discover, track and assess technologies, applications and companies across global IT markets



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