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Beyond Unconditional Positive Self-Regard: Exploring Patterns of Self-Regard in Clients of a Free Counselling Service and Their Impact on the Therapeutic Process and Outcomes

Wednesday 5th June 2024 (18:30-20:00)

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A School of Education Seminar Hosted by the Centre for Research in Human Flourishing

Presented by Dr Shun Chen, University of Aberdeen

Unconditional Positive Self-Regard (UPSR), characterised by consistent, non-contingent positive attitudes toward oneself, has long been recognised as vital for mental wellbeing. However, not all individuals sustain UPSR, and alternative types of self-regard have been relatively understudied within the field of humanistic psychology. This presentation focuses on a study conducted at a free counselling service offered to the local public, which investigates the various patterns of self-regard among its clients, their relationship to demographic variables, and their impact on psychological functioning and wellbeing.

The analysis of the initial data collection efforts aims to shed light on the prevalence and types of self-regard within this population, exploring how these patterns correlate with factors such as age, gender, and sexuality. The study's findings are poised to offer new insights into the "ignored side" of personality theory in humanistic psychology, highlighting the complexities of self-regard that go beyond the scope of UPSR. This presentation aims to deepen our understanding of client profiles within counselling services and to expand our comprehension of existing person-centred theories.  

Dr Shun Chen is a Lecturer in Person-Centred Counselling at the University of Aberdeen. He is a Chartered Psychologist affiliated with the British Psychological Society and an accredited trainer in Gender, Sex, and Relationship Diversities (GSRD). Additionally, he serves as an editorial board member for the journal Psychology & Sexuality. His research primarily focuses on counselling, LGBTQ+ wellbeing, and psychological assessment.

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