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Improving the outcomes of GCSE maths resists

A new study from the Centre for Research in Mathematics Education will look at the effectiveness of a professional development programme in helping to improve the results of GCSE maths resits.

In 2013, the coalition government introduced a policy that said that students in England in full-time education who fail to get at least C grades in English and maths should carry on studying them until the age of 18.

But in a speech to the Association of Colleges Ofsted conference, the Head of Ofsted said that ‘last year, less than a fifth of students achieved the required grades (in mathematics) when they resat and two thirds did not improve on their original grades,’ adding, that the statistics were ‘frankly miserable’.

Now, a new study called ‘Maths for Life' will investigate whether a professional development programme is effective in improving the outcomes of maths GCSE resits

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Posted on Monday 27th March 2017

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