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New study contrasts the radically different education offered to young refugees arriving alone in Britain and Sweden

Today's Guardian features an article on a report that highlights the differences in education offered to young refugees arriving in  Sweden and the UK. The report is the work of Dr Jo McIntyre, Associate Head of School, and colleagues from Lund Universtiy in Sweden.

Noor and Ammar are two teenage boys with a lot in common. They’ve never met, but both made perilous journeys to Europe, arriving unaccompanied at the age of 16. Both are bright, ambitious and determined to make a contribution. In Sweden Noor went straight to school, Ammar waited six months in Britain.

The contrasting experiences of both boys are the focus of this research project on refugee education, it's findings will make uncomfortable reading for education leaders in England.

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Posted on Tuesday 13th February 2018

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