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School Scandals

A new book from Professor Pat Thomson blows the whistle on corruption of our education system.


With almost daily reports of failings in school management, what can be done to improve educational outcomes for everyone?

Pat Thomson takes on England’s muddled education system, highlighting failings caused by the actions of ministers in successive governments. While corrupt actions are taken by some, it is predominantly the corruption of the system that is at fault. She exposes fraudulent and unethical practices, including the skewing of the curriculum and manipulation of results, and argues for an urgent review, leading to a revitalised education system that has the public good at its heart.

Please visit the publisher's website for more information, reviews and to watch an interview with Pat.

Pat also discusses the book and her research in an article in The Guardian, titled Nepotism, fraud, waste and cheating...welcome to England's school system.




Posted on Monday 14th September 2020

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