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Conceptualizing and Measuring Social and Emotional Learning

Conceptualizing and measuring social and emotional learning: A systematic review and meta-analysis of moral reasoning and academic ability, religiosity, political orientation, personality

This new article co-authored by Professor Roisin Corcoran has been published in the Educational Research Review


Responsible decision-making is a sub-domain of social emotional competence and develops through the educational process of social and emotional learning (SEL). The current review examines the relationship between decision-making, specifically, moral reasoning (MR) and academic ability (N = 6,992, 18), MR and religiosity (N = 3,441, 15), MR and political orientation (N = 12,814, 14) and MR and personality (N = 1,659, 8). Forty-three studies qualified for inclusion and analysis. The results indicated a positive effect between MR and academic ability (ES = + 0.24). Interestingly, small negative effects were found between MR and political orientation (ES = - 0.07). Results also indicated small non-significant effects between MR and religiosity (ES = +0.00, p = .94), and MR and personality (ES = + 0.01, p = .92). Possible interpretations of these findings are discussed with reference to the literature.

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Posted on Friday 19th July 2019

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