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Purposeful Planning for Learning

Shaping learning and teaching in the primary school

This new book has been co-edited by Dr Cath Gripton.

About the book

Purposeful Planning for Learning puts the passion and depth back into how teachers plan for learning in the primary classroom. Offering a unique perspective on what constitutes purposeful planning for learning, this book encourages a mindset where planning is integral to, supportive of and informed by learning, including learning that is social, emotional, physical and cognitive.

Written by a variety of teacher educators and primary teachers, this book reconceptualises planning by focusing on different themes such as outdoor learning, assessment, questioning and inclusion, that all influence and inform planning. In each chapter, you can find:

  • voices of teachers and teacher educators
  • the unpicking of practice and key terminology
  • vignettes that shed light on classroom life (examples from practice) and
  • opportunities for reflection (points to ponder)

This cross-curricular resource provides aspirational, professional and practical insights into current issues that surround planning. It includes student and experienced qualified teacher insights which will serve as inspiration to support the reader in making real changes in their classroom.

Please go to the publisher's website for more details and to order.

Posted on Wednesday 23rd September 2020

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