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The University of Nottingham and WEA join forces to offer new online Adult Education courses

Adult education provides a great forum for investigating and discussing complex and difficult topics and the University of Nottingham and Workers’ Educational Association (WEA) are joining forces to explore two highly controversial issues. 

In two six-hour online courses, open to the public, participants will be able to discuss and explore the topics with leading university experts.

'Cancel Culture’, Freedom of Speech & Democracy

This course begins on 15 June and explores ideas like cancel culture, political correctness, hate speech and whether there should be limits on what we are free to say or think.

The WEA’s Bettina Lange will be joined by Nick Stevenson, author of Human Rights and the Reinvention of Freedom (Routledge 2017), who will discuss how important free speech is in different political traditions.

Current developments in Hong Kong will be a particular focus with Carol Jones, a leading expert on Hong Kong and author of Lost in China? Law, Culture and Identity in Post-1997 Hong Kong (Cambridge University Press 2015).

Please visit WEA website for further details of the course and how to enrol.

The Mutating Virus of Antisemitism from Ancient Template to Holocaust Denial

This course begins on 21 June and  explores how antisemitism has evolved since early Christian times.

Participants will discuss the topic with the WEA’s Dave Halliwell and University of Nottingham professors:

Please visit WEA website for further details of the course and how to enrol.

Posted on Friday 4th June 2021

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