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Headteacher Recruitment: Retainment

The final article in a series of three has been published in the TES on 23 June and focusses on the retainment of head teachers.

The article is based on research from Professor Toby GreanyProfessor Pat Thomson and PhD researcher Eleanor Bernardes, carried out as part of their School Leaders' Work and Well Being project.

You can view all the reports on from this multi-phased project. Phase one focussed on leading in lockdown with stage two focussing on leading after lockdown. Further funding in 2022 led to a series of round tables around the country, looking at possible interventions to address the recruitment and retention crises and you can access the roundtable report, examples of good practice and the literature review. All reports can be found on 'the research' webpage. 



Posted on Monday 26th June 2023

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