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Rita Hordosy

Nottingham Research Fellow, Faculty of Social Sciences



Rita Hordósy joined the University of Nottingham in 2019 as a Nottingham Research Fellow. Her research interests revolve around social justice issues in education and post-compulsory education trajectories, with her current work focusing on the research / teaching nexus compared across European universities.

Prior to arriving at Nottingham she was a lecturer at the University of Manchester, where she led on a project investigating further education college students' future career plans. Her longitudinal research at the University of Sheffield explored the lived experiences of undergraduate students from higher and lower socio-economic backgrounds in the context of the post-2012 tuition fee regime. This four year study looked at the importance of financial support, the role of extracurricular activities, career planning and change, as well as academic transitions more broadly.

Rita conducted her doctoral research in education at the University of Birmingham, analysing and comparing national information systems across Europe that were gathering information on school leavers' and graduates' path after compulsory education. Graduating with an MA in Sociology at the Eötvös Loránd University in Hungary, she worked on several research projects dealing with vocational education at the Hungarian Institute for Educational Research & Development.

Research Summary

My fellowship research compares and contrasts the research / teaching nexus in selected case-study countries within the European Economic Area. It also explores how the research / teaching nexus is… read more

Selected Publications

Current Research

My fellowship research compares and contrasts the research / teaching nexus in selected case-study countries within the European Economic Area. It also explores how the research / teaching nexus is stratified in the light of persistent social inequalities within higher education. A cross-case analysis of the link between research and teaching will also shed light on the potential domestic policy change derived from the Europeanisation of education. Given the prevalence of metricisation of both research and teaching, as well as the corresponding issues regarding equality and diversity amongst staff, the outcomes will reflect on whose research and teaching are propagated within the discipline of sociology. The outcomes of this project will contribute to debates on the purpose and future of universities, pointing to the different approaches in which the roles of universities can be understood.

Past Research

I am a sociologist with a deep interest in, and passion for international and comparative educational research. My past research involved broader topics such as progression from vocational schooling, school segregation, local policy-making, and higher education experiences of students. I conducted research in a number of different settings, ranging from multigrade schools in small villages, vocational schools and universities in cities, drawing on a wide range of research designs and methods.

Recently I was the principal investigator for a Greater Manchester Higher funded project, looking at the experiences of further education college students with regards to their career planning, and contrasting their accounts with those of widening participation practitioners, further education college teachers, and careers guidance professionals.

Between 2013 and 2018 I lead on a longitudinal tracking project at the University of Sheffield, following a cohort of undergraduates through their university years, to gain in-depth understanding of the lived experiences of their financial, academic and social transitions. One strand of this work explored the changing student experiences of the research and teaching nexus.

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