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Primary PGCE

We think primary teaching is one of the best jobs in the world! We can’t promise you a 9am–3.30pm working day, but what we can promise you is that every day will be different with the excitement of seeing those little ‘lightbulb’ moments, and the impact you will have on children who really need you.

Your passion for teaching and the desire to make a difference in children’s lives are the starting points for developing the skills and knowledge required to become an inspiring primary teacher.  Building on this foundation, our course will support you to:

Shape your own unique teacher identity

We will support you in refining your own teacher identity and educational philosophy. We want you to become a research-informed, thinking professional who is able to critically reflect on theory and practice to make carefully considered judgements, shaped by research, debate and intellectual curiosity.


Immerse yourself in an innovative and vibrant curriculum

Our ITE curriculum, which is thoughtfully designed and regularly refined in collaboration with our school partners, will ensure that you are well prepared to begin your teaching career. We structure our curriculum so that you are supported to build your knowledge and understanding incrementally. You will learn with our experienced teacher educators, including academic experts and school colleagues. 


Engage actively in learning

We make university-based sessions interactive and engaging, encouraging you to share ideas about how and what to teach. You will work collaboratively with your peers to explore ways to bring the primary curriculum to life in your classrooms, drawing on your own and each other’s experiences. University sessions also provide a safe space in which to practise teaching, take risks and make the mistakes which are an important part of learning. 


Join a diverse, inclusive community of practice

Our course celebrates the diversity of our students, teachers, and children. Our curriculum is designed to support you to become a practitioner who is committed to critical engagement with the goals of a socially just education. Through a series of immersive practice days, you will develop your understanding of how to be a well-informed, inclusive teacher who can respond effectively to children’s diverse cultures, experiences and needs.


Embrace enrichment experiences

As well as your two main school placements, you will work with children in an alternative school setting and an early years setting, to help broaden your understanding of education in different contexts. Through university sessions, you will also have the opportunity to explore creative pedagogies; for example, how to take learning outside the classroom; engage in storytelling and drama; and use different technologies to enhance your teaching.


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