Initial Teacher Education

Schools Partnership

We work with around 150 to 200 schools in the local region and we really believe our partnership is special!

We have a long history of working collaboratively with our local schools and we recognise that we all bring different expertise to the table which adds to the richness of what we can offer our beginning teachers.

Our schools are very varied. We work with schools that:

  • are some of the largest in the region and some of the smallest
  • have a special focus (for example on languages, science and technology or inclusion)
  • serve some of the most affluent communities in the region
  • face challenging circumstances for a whole range of reasons

What all our schools have in common is a commitment to supporting the next generation of teachers.

Our schools are heavily involved in the design of our programmes and curriculum and we are committed to creativity and innovation as we develop approaches and initiatives.

What Ofsted say

For the last three inspections (which span over 15 years), Ofsted have made positive comments in their reports recognising the quality of our partnership.

The shared vision and ethos, which permeates the partnership, is characterised by very strong and active partnerships with schools, a highly inclusive approach, high expectations, the relentless pursuit of excellence and the continual drive to improve further in order to enhance the quality of training and ensure trainees enter the profession as good or outstanding teachers.


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