Initial Teacher Education

Equality and Diversity

In 2021 the University of Nottingham led on the development of a regional equality and diversity network for ITE providers in Nottingham and Nottinghamshire and have developed a pledge to beginning teachers that providers can sign up to.

We will work together to try to optimise the teacher training experience for all beginning teachers and ensure they are protected from discrimination, harassment or victimisation due to protected characteristics. This work stemmed from Nottingham Citizens Better Learning campaign, with a vision for Nottingham to ‘be known as a place where our educational institutions are taking the lead on creating an anti-racist curriculum and an anti-racist and inclusive teaching environment’.

We have also developed our own enactment of this pledge and are constantly thinking about how we can develop our curriculum and approaches with a focus on social justice in education.

View the Equality and Diversity Pledge (PDF)

View the University of Nottingham's Initial Teacher Education team's enactment of the pledge (PDF)

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