School of English

Poetry School 2011/12 programme

Thursday 6th October (19:00) - Thursday 1st December 2011 (21:00)

Sign Tracking:  Following Poem and Practice
Tutor: Eireann Lorsung

This poetry School event is offered in association with The Poetry School.  If you would like to attend the Poetry School please contact them at the above web address or telephone 0207 582 1679.

Each of us is probably involved in poetry in a number of different ways – as writers of our own work; as readers of books and magazines; through attending readings or workshops; or by submitting work to publishers, magazines, and competitions. Sometimes, though, writers can feel that, however involved they become in the poetry scene, there is something excluding them from the routes to success – and sending poems out to publishers feels like shooting in the dark. The content of these sessions is designed to give you a view of the bigger picture of how the different aspects of poetry – and the poetry scene – fit in with each other. The importance of the actual poems you write remains central, and provides the basis for developing a strategy for getting published. Lots of practical writing tips included.

There are 5 sessions that take place every fortnight on a Thursday.  

For details on fees and joining these events please contact the Poetry School.


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