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Guest Lecture Simon Grennan

A46 Trent Building
Tuesday 8th November 2016 (17:00-18:00)

"Dispossession: Graphic adaptation and Anthony Trollope" - Simon Grennan

All welcome, free of charge. 

Simon Grennan will take you on his extraordinary creative journey, researching and drawing the glittering Dispossession, the first graphic adaptation of a novel by nineteenth century writer Anthony Trollope. He will describe the unexpected ideas, histories and people involved in his research, learning that a type of hat indicated a type of woman in the 1870s, the only translator of the aboriginal Wiradjuri language that he could find, dealing with the child deaths on Australian emigrant ships, making new rules for drawing from Trollope’s literary style. Simon will place Dispossession in the context of the contemporary vogue for nineteenth century adaptations. Where does it fit? Does Dispossession combine the strands of his journey, utilising the comics medium to excite readers anew about our Victorian past? Dispossession is published by Jonathan Cape Graphic Novels and in a French edition by Les Impressions Nouvelles.


Dr Simon Grennan is a scholar of visual narratology. He is author of A Theory of Narrative Drawing (Palgrave Macmillan 2016), co-editor of Transforming Anthony Trollope: 'Dispossession', Victorianism and 19th century word and image (Leuven University Press 2015) and contributor to Representing multiculturalism in comics and graphic novels. (Routledge 2014) and others. He is the creator of Dispossession, a graphic adaptation of a novel by Anthony Trollope (Jonathan Cape and Les Impressions Nouvelles 2015) and, since 1990, half of international artists team Grennan & Sperandio, producer of over forty comics and books ( Dr Grennan is Research Fellow in Fine Art at the University of Chester and Principal Investigator for the two-year research project Marie Duval presents Ally Sloper: the female cartoonist and popular theatre in London 1869-85, funded by an AHRC Research Grant: Early Career (2014).

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