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Project-Based Dissertation
Writing Back Through Our Mothers: An Analysis of Rhetoric in Women's Literary Letters Ellen Hart
BA (Hons) English Language and Literature

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Q33112 Stylistics
Narrative in Herman Melville's Moby Dick Lauren Menzies
BA (Hons) English
Q33115 Creativity and Language
Examining Creativity within England's GCSE English Language exams: to what extent do the exams and their questions limit or enable creativity? Ben Ashley West
BA (Jt Hons) English and Hispanic Studies
Q33116 Texts in a Digital World
"I should like to know...": A corpus analysis of politeness phrases in Pride and Prejudice and in a reference corpus of 19th Century fiction Jessica Mateo
BA (Hons) English Language and Literature
Q33207 Arthurian Literature
'What are the tensions between knighthood and kingship?' - Arthur's Dual Status as a Knight and a King Joshua Neal
BA (Hons) English
Q33220 English Place-Names
Examine the value of place-names as evidence for the history, landscape and, especially, language(s) of your chosen area. Joshua Neal
BA (Hons) English
Q33221 Literature of the Anglo-Saxons
How sympathetic is the portrayal of Satan in the Old English poem Genesis B? Annika Bailey
BA (Hons) English
Q33225 Outlaws, Ghosts and Heroes
A Study of the Figure of the Prominent Woman of the Sagas of Icelanders, with a Particular Focus on Njáls Saga, Laxdæla Saga, and Gunnlaugs Saga Ormstungu. Amy Morrison
BA (Hons) English
Q33354 Virginia Woolf
Gillian Beer has observed that 'refusing to resolve is not irresolution, but assertion'. Discuss Woolf's strategies of irresolution in this light. What exactly is not resolved? In what way could this be said to be assertion? Assertion of what? Joanna Megan Jones
BA (Jt Hons) English and French
Q33387 Twentieth-Century Dystopias
Discuss the Relationship Between Reality and Falsehood in the Literary Dystopian Tradition. Jack Revell
BA (Hons) English
Q33518 Hamlet
Female Subjectivity in Gertrude Talks Back and 'Gertrude to Hamlet' Funmi Ajibodun
BA (Hons) English
Q33605 Language in the Limelight
Impoliteness, conflict, and power: an analysis of impoliteness strategies used in Pinter's The Homecoming Chaoran Ding
BA (Hons) English Language and Applied Linguistics
Q33606 Screen Shakespeares
How do Akira Kurosawa's female characters reflect Shakespeare's female characters in reference to his films Throne of Blood (1957) and Ran (1985)? Maria Sophie Carragher
BA (Hons) English
Q33701 Advanced Writing Practice
San Francisco Alyson Kissner
BA (Hons) English with Creative Writing
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