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Dissertation Titles (and link)


Q33406 English Dissertation (Full Year)
The influence of socio-political ideology on discursive migrant, refugee and asylum seeker representations in The Express Tamsin Parnell
BA (Hons) English
Q33407 - English Dissertation (Spring Semester)  
Tennyson's diversion from Victorian models of masculinity through a personalisation of emotion, with a focus on In Memorium Sofia Knowles
BA (Joint Hons) English and History
Q33408 - Viking Studies Dissertation (Full Year)  
Considering the connections between Scandinavia and the Southern Baltic coast in the 10th-11th Centuries Natalia Radziwillowicz
BA (Hons) Viking Studies
Q33704 - Creative Writing Dissertation  
Last Light: a creative investigation into individualism and the environment Samuel Marshall
BA (Hons) English with Creative Writing

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Module and Essay Titles (and link)


Q32334 - Literature and Popular Culture
Compare the Representation of Femininity in Paradise Lost by John Milton and V for Vendetta by Alan Moore and David Lloyd

Victoria Jane Lorriman
BA (Hons) English

Q33103  - Sociolinguistics
Locker-room talk: an exploration of gender discourse and constructed identities in Donald Trump’s presidential debate with Hillary Clinton

Joseph Rodgers 
BA (Hons) English

Q33109 - Introduction to English Language Teaching
Teaching German students functional language in speaking, through meaning-based activities

Imogen Hibberd
BA (Hons) English

Kate Lindars
BA (Hons) English

Katie Prentice
BA (Joint Hons) English and German

Yingyue Zhu
BA (Hons) English Language and Literature

Q33115 - Creativity and Language
Communal creativity and continual re-onvention: a feminist reading of Caryl Churchill's Love and Information

Imogen Lawson
BA (Hons) English

Q33125 - Advanced Stylistics
A stylistic analysis of transitivity processes and their effects in Ted Hughes’ ‘The Bee Meeting’

Sophie Swift
BA (Hons) English

Q33220 - English Place-Names
Examine the value of place-names as evidence for the history, landscape and, especially, language(s) of your chosen area

Ruut Korpinen
Erasmus Exchange

Q33221 - The Literature of the Anglo-Saxons  
Monster versus Monstrous: a discussion of the characterisation of Grendel’s Mother

Ela Wydrzynska 
BA (Joint Hons) English and Latin

Q33226 - Dreaming the Middle Ages  
Discuss the importance of 'sound' and 'hearing' in Geoffrey Chaucer's The House of Fame, William Dunbar's The Golden Targe, the anonymous Pearl, and James Stewart's The Kingis Quair

Sophie Crowe
BA (Hons) English with Creative Writing

Q33227 - The Viking Mind
The importance of dreams in Icelandic Sagas: how saga writers use dreams to different effects in the historical sagas Laxdaela Saga and Gunnlaugs Saga Ormstungu, compared to the mythological saga Jómsvíkinga Saga 

Luke Watson
BA (Hons) English with Creative Writing

Q33391 - The Self and the World: Writing in the Long Eighteenth Century
What is the effect of Satanic allusion in Frankenstein?

Victoria Lorriman
BA (Hons) English

Heroes and anti-heroes: masculine anxiety in the Romantic Period

Felicity Chilver
BA (Hons) English

Q33395 - Making Something Happen: Twentieth Century Poetry and Politics
Holocaust Memorialisation in the Poetry of Michael Longley and Geoffrey Hill as a Construction of Continuum Hannie Phillips
BA (Hons) English with Creative Writing
Q33396 - Single Author Study
An examination of how the British educational system shapes individuals’ lives in D. H. Lawrence’s novels The Rainbow and Women in Love

Emma Putland
BA (Hons) English

Q33397 - Dark Futures, Tainted Pasts
How is the body used to characterise the dystopian female identity in the patriarchal societies of Margaret Atwood’s The Handmaid’s Tale and Angela Carter’s The Passion of New Eve?

Daniel Barkass-Williamson
BA (Hons) English

Q33398 - Reformation and Revolution: Early Modern literature and drama 1588-1688
From Foreign Enemy to Great Unifying Leader: Performances of King James VI and I between 1599 and 1624 in the Works of Ben Jonson and William Shakespeare

Joshua Caldicott
BA (Hons) English

Q33503 - Theatre Making

Jacques Lecoq and States of Tension

Laurence Cuthbert
BA (Hons) English

Q33519 - Performing the Nation: British Theatre since 1980

In an era of globalization and localism, the idea of the nation feels anachronistic and limiting. How do your chosen plays and performances explore ideas of nation in these contemporary contexts, and to what effect?

Evelyn Ambrose
BA (Hons) English
If the nation is always changing, so too is the relationship between theatre and nation

Laura Bateman
BA (Hons) English

Q33520 - Performing Places: Theatre, Site, Space

‘A more active participation in both site and performance provides the opportunity to actually embody ‘site’. Audience members may rub up against other audience members, making the reading of the performance experiential in multiple ways, rather than limited to the end-on approach prescribed by many forms of theatre architecture’  Evaluate your experience of space in performance: what effects did the performance’s spatial practices create?

Imogen Hibberd
BA (Hons) English
Q33604 -  Songs and Sonnets: Lyric poetry from Medieval Manuscript to Shakespeare and Donne

‘The ‘I’ experiences both the negative state of not having something and the positive state of yearning for that thing at one and the same time: the two senses that the modern English usage of the word ‘want’ conveniently holds side by side’ [Catherine Bates]. Is loss the dominant feeling of lyric?

Jonathan Garmeson
BA (Hons) English
Q33606 - Screen Shakespeares
Discuss how cinematic devices are used in order to chart the progressive psychological breakdown of the main protagonist Frances Hannon
BA (Hons) English

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