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NERC Standard and New Investigator Grant Internal Bid Selection Process

Since July 2015 NERC has been imposing demand management measures to restrict the number of applications to the Standard Grant and New Investigator schemes. The restriction of applications is achieved by the imposition of an institutional cap on the number of applications that can be submitted per round for institutions whose average success rate for the previous 6 rounds falls below 20%.

The University of Nottingham has been subject to demand management since January 2016, with a limit of three applications per round. On 27 January 2017 NERC informed the University that our success rate remained below the 20% threshold and that we would continue to be limited to a maximum of three applications per round for the July 2017 and January 2018 rounds.

The University piloted a full panel review process for applications on a voluntary basis for the January 2016 round and successfully implemented this for applications in 2016/17. This same panel review process will be used to select those applications that will be submitted to the upcoming January 2018.

Download the full guidelines (PDF).

Posted on Thursday 19th October 2017

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