Centre for the Environment

Current NERC Grants

An integrated assessment of UK Shale resource distribution based on fundamental analyses of shale mechanical and fluid properties

Dr Veerle Vandeginste, Faculty of Engineering

Paramo water proposal

Dr David Large, Faculty of Engineering

Genomic responses to rapid environmental change: selection, plasticity and adaptation

Dr Andrew MacColl, School of Life Sciences

Realised hypothetical phenotypes and the adaptive value of Batesian mimicry

Dr Tom Reader, School of Life Sciences

Assessing human impacts on the Red River system, Vietnam, to enable sustainable management

Suzanne McGowan, School of Geography

Ecological effects of glaciofluvial dust deposition on Arctic lakes

Suzanne McGowan, School of Geography

Spatio-TEmporal Dynamics of Forest Response to ENSO Drought

Doreen Boyd, School of Geography

InSAR as a Tool to evaluate Peatland Sensitivity to global change

David Large, Faculty of Engineering

The evolutionary dynamics of multiazole resistance in pathogenic Aspergillus fungi

Paul Dyer, School of Life Sciences

EVAL-FARMS: Evaluating the Threat of Antimicrobial Resistance in Agricultural Manures and Slurries

Dov Stekel, School of Biosciences

Lakes and the Arctic Carbon Cycle

Suzanne McGowan, School of Geography

Support for British Isles GPS Archive Facility

Richard Bingley, Department of Civil Engineering

Contribution of trees to tropical wetland

Sofie Sjogersten Turner, School of Biosciences

Adaption to environmental stress by evolution of non-genotypic heterogeneity with microbial populations

Simon Avery, School of Life Sciences

Elucidating the potential interaction of manufactured nanoparticles with polycyclic aromatic hydrocarbons: an integrated toxicogenomics approach

Andrei Khlobystov, School of Chemistry

Immunodynamics and infectious disease risk in the natural environment

Jan Bradley, School of Life Sciences

Data4Sustain - integration of data to facilitate renewable energy technology use within urban environments

Terry Moore, Faculty of Engineering


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