Centre for the Environment

Recent Grants

SHiFT: Sentinel-2 compatible historical dataset for Future Crop Targetting

Doreen Boyd, School of Geography

An experimental evolution test of signalling theory

Steve Diggle, Centre for Biomolecular Sciences

TRansfer - Exposure - Effects (TREE): Integrating the science needed to underpin radioactivity assessments for humans and wildlife

George Shaw, School of Life Sciences

From mangrove to milpa: what determines resilience to extreme weather events in the Yucatan Peninsula, Mexico?

Sarah Metcalfe (PI) and Doreen Boyd (CoI), School of Geography

Multivariate evolution in replicated adaptive radiations: pattern, process and the role of the environment

Andrew MacColl, School of Life Sciences

Silicon isotope records of recent environmental change and anthropogenic pollution from Lake Baikal, Siberia

George Swann, School of Geography

Climate variability over the circum-Caribbean region during the past 1,200 years

Sarah Metcalfe, School of Geography

Ecological significance of surface bound enzyme activities in lichen

Peter Crittenden, School of Life Sciences

500,000 years of solar irradiance, climate and vegetation change

Barry Lomax, Biosciences

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