Centre for the Environment

Geospatial Science

Research within the Centre for Geospatial Science (CGS) focuses on:

  1. geospatial intelligence 
  2. geospatial interoperability 
  3. mobile location-based services

Rapid developments in positioning, broad-band mobile communications, sensor platforms and senor-web enablement, spatial search and pervasive computing are fundamentally changing the access to and use of location-based data in society. Technologies for collection and dissemination are rapidly developing. However, the necessary multi-disciplinary research needed to transform raw data and information into useful intelligence and knowledge to improve the planet’s environmental, economic and societal well being is constrained by disciplinary and organisational silo's and legacy concepts. CGS, working with University of Nottingham colleagues in Geography, IESSG, Computer Science and the Institute of Ergonomics, aim to make an impact by undertaking research and outreach that will unleash this potential.

The ability to deploy a service-oriented architecture and web services to discover and access distributed sources of data and through the adoption of standards eg. from the Open Geospatial Consortium (OGC) to be able to work on these data sets and services in an integrated manner is central to much of the Centre’s research. CGS is a Technical Committee member of OGC.

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