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Molecular Ecology and Evolution

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The School of Biology has an internationally recognised collection of population and evolutionary geneticists, employing molecular techniques and bioinformatics to address fundamental evolutionary problems. 

Recent studies have investigated the role of climate change in influencing species diversity, the ecology of both spiders and snails, and the application of theories of population genetics to understand how DNA sequences evolve. The genetic knowledge so gained from these studies has been used to reconstruct patterns of human migration, and applied to animal conservation. 

The group thus has expertise that ranges from studies of natural selection in the field, through molecular phylogenetic analysis, to mathematical evolutionary theory.




Within the School of Geography, research is focused on avian population dynamics, behavioural ecology and genetic structuring. We have worked on a number of birds of prey species (Madagascar fish eagle, Golden eagle, White-tailed eagle, Hen harrier and Asian fishing eagles) as well as waterbirds and passerines (eg. Dunlin).




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