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In response to the further national lockdown, the University has implemented a new process to ensure buildings remain safe and secure for those who cannot work from home.

The Government has stated that education remains a priority and that universities can remain open. The majority of our students will be starting the term online while face to face teaching will resume for those on the following courses: Medicine; Health & Social Care including Nursing & Midwifery; Physiotherapy and Veterinary Science; Education including initial teacher training; and Social Work.

Work, including research, which cannot reasonably be done from home may be carried out on campus.

With that in mind, the University will keep buildings open wherever possible to support these activities. Where the usage is low or nil a building may be placed into standby, with any essential activities to be carried out elsewhere on campus. Standby means a building will be maintained but not routinely cleaned and will not be accessible for general staff or students, although access to offices for the collection of books, equipment, teaching materials etc. will still be available via the Grab and Go process.

Taking this approach means that resources can be focused, energy waste is reduced, and buildings remain secure. It also means that buildings can be safely reopened within 48 hours, when permitted, without the lengthy re-opening process experienced last year.

What will be open? 

The majority of University buildings will remain open, with those that are in standby listed here below. If a building is in standby, it can only be accessed via the Grab and Go process. Any other access could compromise the risk assessments currently in place, particularly as building in standby will not be being cleaned. This list will be reviewed regularly and building owners can also raise any required needs via their line management, to be discussed with Faculty Operations Directors or Heads of Professional Services.

Open buildings will offer space for all required services, including work, study, and exam spaces, along with areas to prepare and present teaching materials. 

Which buildings will be in standby?

  • The Hemsley

Last Updated 21/06/2021

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