Payment Services forms

EXP3a Non-staff expenses claim form - payments into a UK bank account (Excel document)
EXP3b Non-staff expenses claim form - payments into an overseas bank account (Excel document)
TF1 Field trip advance request form (internal access only)


Payroll forms


Please complete this form if you are not a contracted member of staff (Excel document)

Please note that some information is mandatory

CASUAL If you are not a contracted member of staff you need to complete a Bank Details and Tax Form.

This should be completed on line using information available on the HR website
 but if you are unable to submit on line a printable version is also available (Word document)

If you are a contacted member of staff you need to complete a Bank and Tax Information Form which will have been sent to you with your offer of employment.

This form (internal access only) contains personal details required for your payroll record in particular your National Insurance number and bank details.  If you are not in possession of the original please complete this form (Word document)

P46 This form is required if you do not hold a P45 from a previous employer (HM Revenue & Customs website)
NE Status This form should be completed where an individual is providing services not via an employment contract (whether permanent or casual) either as an individual or via a Personal Service Company (whether direct or via an agency). The decision on which employment group an individual falls into will depend on the relationship between the individual and the University and is supported by a number of tests. (Word document)
V1 This form should be used by visiting/guest lecturers. (Word document)

Sales invoice terms and conditions

Standard terms and conditions - for use with:

Further assistance

Please contact the person(s) listed in each document for further help and advice. 

Alternatively, please see the Payroll and Pensions or Expenses team's web pages. 

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General Finance enquiries

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