Publications produced by the University

The main publication produced by the Financial Management Department is the University’s annual Global Reviews and financial statements. These are available to download, or in hard copy.

Annual Global Reviews and Financial statements

Every year the Financial Operations Department disclosures information of any single items of expenditure over £25,000 in accordance with the Freedom of Information Act 2000.

Standard and Poors Credit Rating

Standard & Poor's (S&P) is one of the largest credit rating agencies, assigning letter grades to companies and countries and the debt they issue on a scale of AAA to D, indicating their degree of investment risk.

S&P use their purpose built credit rating methodology to effectively rate the university. They rate millions of companies across all different sectors globally. 

The University's annual credit rating was renewed in June 2023, affirming our rating as A+ with a stable outlook, which bearing in mind the current economic climate is an achievement.

Freedom of Information Disclosures

The University also produces other corporate information.

Corporate documents and information

Any other public documents from either Financial Management or Financial Operations Department will be published here.


General Finance enquiries

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