Listed below are contact details for members of staff in the Financial Management

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NameTelephoneJob DescriptionContact
Administrative Staff
Alton, Sally0115 95 14138Finance Team ManagerEnvelope Icon
Ball, Sue0115 95 15971Finance Manager (IS/LRLR)Envelope Icon
Beighton, Angela01332 724694Divisional Support AdministratorEnvelope Icon
Blackamore, Sally0115 95 15107Financial ControllerEnvelope Icon
Bonnar, Deborah0115 74 87515Finance Team ManagerEnvelope Icon
Burgoyne, Victoria01332 724675Finance AssistantEnvelope Icon
Cahill, Kayleigh0115 95 15581Tax Services AdministratorEnvelope Icon
Clayton, Kelly0115 84 67582Finance AssistantEnvelope Icon
Clunie, Liz0115 74 86150Assistant Finance ManagerEnvelope Icon
Corcoran, Dean0115 82 30337Assistant Finance ManagerEnvelope Icon
Dickinson, Steve0115 82 30668Finance OfficerEnvelope Icon
Dixon, Mark0115 95 15986Financial Systems ManagerEnvelope Icon
Fayle, Helen0115 95 15689Accountancy AssistantEnvelope Icon
Gould, Tracey0115 74 84797Accountancy AssistantEnvelope Icon
Hegarty, Melanie0115 82 83044Assistant Finance ManagerEnvelope Icon
Higginbottom, Caran/aAssistant Financial AccountantEnvelope Icon
Johns, Kelly0115 95 16357Assistant Finance ManagerEnvelope Icon
Lake, Helen0115 95 15663Financial AccountantEnvelope Icon
Lawley, Steve0115 95 14243Finance Team ManagerEnvelope Icon
Lawrenson, Helen0115 84 67116Deputy Director of FinanceEnvelope Icon
Lees, Angela0115 82 31506Assistant Finance ManagerEnvelope Icon
Li, Helen0115 82 30804School Finance ManagerEnvelope Icon
Makhecha, Manish0115 74 86137Finance – Financial ManagementEnvelope Icon
Millband, Liam0115 84 66052Project AccountantEnvelope Icon
Morgan, Rob0115 95 15282Chief Financial OfficerEnvelope Icon
Mullen, Chris0115 84 66889Senior Finance AssistantEnvelope Icon
Patel, Paresh0115 95 15654Finance Manager Estates and HospitalityEnvelope Icon
Phan, Anna01159 516330Assistant Finance ManagerEnvelope Icon
Royce, Christine0115 82 30097Finance AssistantEnvelope Icon
Sampson, Rob0115 74 84705Faculty Finance Manager - Faculty of EngineeringEnvelope Icon
Selwyn, Diane0115 95 14388Finance AssistantEnvelope Icon
Smith, Louise0115 84 67349Finance AssistantEnvelope Icon
Srinivasan, Seema01158467250Faculty Finance Manager - ScienceEnvelope Icon
Sutcliffe, Wendy0115 951 5523Assistant Finance ManagerEnvelope Icon
Taylor, Fiona0115 951 6453Finance Team ManagerEnvelope Icon
Thomas, Mark0115 951 5173Finance AssistantEnvelope Icon
Walton, Jonathan0115 95 15448Assistant Finance Manager - Social SciencesEnvelope Icon
Wells, Julie0115 74 86148Finance Team ManagerEnvelope Icon
Wightman, Helen0115 82 30340Finance Team ManagerEnvelope Icon
Willetts, Yvonne67116Personal AssistantEnvelope Icon
Williamson, Kerry0115 95 13703Chartered accountant providing finance expertise to University projects and strategy.Envelope Icon
Wright, Iann/aFinance Team Manager - Social SciencesEnvelope Icon

General Finance enquiries

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