Listed below are contact details for members of staff in the Financial Control

Full contact information is available by clicking on the individual's name
Alternatively if you can not find who you are looking for please use the University's Staff Look-up 
NameTelephoneJob DescriptionContact
Administrative Staff
Beckworth-Morris, Stephanie0115 95 15636Payment Services AssistantEnvelope Icon
Blunt, Yvonne0115 95 15636Finance AssistantEnvelope Icon
Bunney, Lora0115 95 15650Cashiering Services AssistantEnvelope Icon
Butt, Tahir0115 95 15636Finance AssistantEnvelope Icon
Carter, Rachel0115 84 67419Banking Services AssistantEnvelope Icon
Cartwright, Nicola0115 95 15996Pension & Benefits Services Team LeaderEnvelope Icon
Charity, Christopher0115 95 15030Debt Services AdministratorEnvelope Icon
Chitiu, Delia0115 95 13034Debt Services AdministratorEnvelope Icon
Codrington, Jackie0115 95 15642Debt Services AdministratorEnvelope Icon
Crampton, Russelln/aTrainee Accounting TechnicianEnvelope Icon
Davies, Lisa0115 82 32790Travel and Expenses Services AssistantEnvelope Icon
Evans, Chris0115 95 15636Payment Services AssistantEnvelope Icon
Ferrari, Georgina0115 95 15648Payroll AdministratorEnvelope Icon
Harrison, Jeannette0115 84 66736Travel and Expenses Services ManagerEnvelope Icon
Harrison, Nicola0115 82 32781Travel and Expenses ServicesadministratorEnvelope Icon
Harston, Wendy0115 95 15664Banking Services Team LeaderEnvelope Icon
Henry, Dominic0115 748 4954E- Payments Services ManagerEnvelope Icon
Hind, Cathy0115 95 15648Payroll Services Team LeaderEnvelope Icon
Hobbs, Julie0115 95 15636Payment Services AssistantEnvelope Icon
Kosai, Mariam0115 95 14258Invoicing Services AssistantEnvelope Icon
Mann, Claire0115 95 15648Payroll Services AssistantEnvelope Icon
Mann, Zoie0115 95 15653Key contact for information about University strategic investment fundingEnvelope Icon
McKenzie, David0115 84 67441Invoicing Services Team LeaderEnvelope Icon
Redford, Heleanor0115 82 32076Cashiering Services AssistantEnvelope Icon
Richardson, Jayne0115 95 15648Pension AssistantEnvelope Icon
Robinson, David0115 84 67190Payroll Services ManagerEnvelope Icon
Simmonds, Claire0115 95 15497Debt Services AdministratorEnvelope Icon
Steeples, Teresa0115 74 86350Cashiering Services AssistantEnvelope Icon
Taylor, Christie0115 95 15651PA to Financial ControllerEnvelope Icon
Towers, Julie0115 95 15996Pension and Benefits Services ManagerEnvelope Icon
Watts, Amy0115 95 15648Payroll Services AssistantEnvelope Icon
Watt, Hazel0115 95 15648Payroll Services AssistantEnvelope Icon
Welsh, ANN-MARIE0115 95 15630Tax Services AssistantEnvelope Icon
White, Carole0115 95 15637Income Services ManagerEnvelope Icon
Whitfield, Julia0115 84 68061Invoicing Services AssistantEnvelope Icon

General Finance enquiries

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