Financial Control - Income Services

Part of the Financial Control team and located on University Park in Room B6, B Floor, Portland Building.

Areas of reponsibility include:

  • Banking Services
    • responsible for allocation of income into the bank
    • account reconcilliation
    • advice on banking services
  • Invoicing Services
    • responsible for raising and producing invoices to our commercial customers (non-research)
    • responsible for applying ancillary charges to student accounts (non-tuition fees)
    • rent, rechargeable expenditure and subsidiary invoicing
    • customer ID set up/advice
  • Cashiering Services
    • providing counter services for all cash payments in the Cash Office, Portland Building
    • issuing currency, cash advances and petty cash for staff
    • coordinating payments made at all Student Centres
    • operating payments line for all telephone card payments (0115 846 6800)




General Finance enquiries

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