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Introducing a new finance, procurement and HR system

Information for suppliers of goods and services to the university

The University of Nottingham is in the process of putting in place a new finance, procurement and HR system. The new system is an Oracle Fusion solution that is expected to be rolled out in mid-2024.

Please refer to the frequently asked questions below for further information.

Why has the university decided to move to using a new system?

The university requires an integrated and modern system to efficiently run university operations. A new finance, procurement and HR system will enable us to improve and standardise services for our staff and suppliers.
More than 45 dated systems are expected to be replaced with a modern, integrated, reliable and secure Oracle Fusion solution that can be accessed from any mobile device.

What improvements can suppliers look forward to with the new system?

Suppliers can look forward to the new system bringing better integration between tendering, contracting and invoicing. The new system will be a more modern, single supplier portal. It will have self-service capabilities that allow suppliers to submit invoices, check the status of payments, and update their contact information and bank details.

When will the university start using the new system?

The new system is expected to be rolled out in mid-2024, and further details will be provided more nearer the time.


When will you stop using your existing systems?

We will most likely stop using our existing systems during mid-2024, and we will work closely with our suppliers to introduce them to the new system, provide further details about the transition and ask for their assistance in this process.

When will the university be contacting its suppliers about this transition? How will our suppliers’ inventory be transferred to the new system?

An initial email to suppliers of good and services was sent in August 2023 - further planned communications are detailed below:


  • Catalogue suppliers in Sciquest - As suppliers that provide us with catalogue files periodically, we will contact these suppliers in late 2023 / early 2024 to request latest catalogues and ask them to check their details in the new system. Catalogues will be uploaded to the new system, ready for the launch in mid-2024.
  • Non-catalogue suppliers in Agresso - We will contact these suppliers in late 2023/early 2024 to give them access to the new system so they can check their details in it.
  • Punch-out suppliers – These suppliers host websites for the university to order from. We have already contacted these suppliers to arrange a testing process to ensure their websites have a seamless integration with the new system. We will contact them again in late 2023/early 2024 to give them access to the new system to enable them to check their details in it.

Who should suppliers contact if they have any questions or require further information?



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