Research and Innovation

Facilities and Equipment Management committee

Terms of Reference 

1. Advise Research Board on the development and delivery of the University’s equipment and facilities strategy 
2. Allocate resources on behalf of the Research Board to support (1)
3. Monitor the implementation of the strategy and evaluate its impact

Main Activities 

1. Establish a university strategy and roadmap for the purchase of new equipment, replacement and upgrading of current equipment 
2. Develop plans and processes, in response to funders requirements, for securing external funding for facilities and equipment, including advice on Strategic Development Fund proposals
3. Advise Research Board on the allocation of resources to deliver the equipment strategy
4. Provide direction for the Kit-Catalogue Project Group and User Group to develop effective and efficient use of existing facilities and equipment
5. Drive equipment sharing internally within the university (including UNNC and UNMC), regionally within the Midlands Innovation (MI) group and nationally
6. Represent the University on external groups involved with research facilities and equipment sharing


  • Chair - Professor Dame Jessica Corner (Pro-Vice Chancellor for Research & Knowledge Exchange) 
  • Mr Ryan Keyworth (Director of Research and Innovation)
  • Professor Zoe Willson (Associate PVC - Research, Faculty of Science)
  • Professor Richard Emes (Associate PVC - Research, Faculty of Medicine & Health Science)
  • Professor Jon Garibaldi (School of Computer Science)
  • Professor Sam Kingman (Associate Dean for Research, Faculty of Engineering)
  • Professor Paul Brown (Chair, Kit Catalogue Project Group) 
  • Ms Alison Clarke (Director of Global IT Partnering & Service Design) 
  • Professor Mike George (School of Chemistry) 
  • Mr Chris Jagger (Chief Estates and Facilities Officer) 
  • Dr Richard Masterman (Associate Pro-Vice Chancellor for Research Strategy) 
  • Caroline Blackman-Edney (Director of Procurement) 
  • Professor Andrei Khlobystov (Director of NMRC)
  • Professor Maiken Umbach (Associate PVC - Research, Faculty of Arts)
  • Professor Andrew Leyshon (Associate PVC - Research, Faulty of Social Sciences)
  • Dr Joe Shearring (Research Development Manager, Secretary) 
  • Marie Downs will serve as the Committee administrator  

Research and Innovation

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