Gendering Latin American Independence
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Vicente Guerrero

Other names/titles:
Gender: M
Ethnic origin: Mestizo/a

Biographical details

He was born on 4 April 1782, Tixtla, Mexico State. He had mestizo and African blood and claimed to descend from King Nezahualcoyotl of Texcoco. He worked as a labourer and muleteer until joining Morelos's army on 15 December 1810. He backed Iturbide's Plan de Iguala in February 1821 after Iturbide's troops had been defeated by Guerrero. In September 1821, Guerrero marched into Mexico City alongside Iturbide. Iturbide alienated Guerrero by treating him as a servant, and Guerrero conspired against Iturbide. He was shot in the lungs at the battle of Cerro de Almolonga on 23 January 1823, a wound from which he never fully recovered. He became supreme tribunal of war and marine in May 1827. He was the first elected president of Mexico from 1 April to December 1829, when he was ousted by Anastasio Bustamente. In March 1830, Guerrero led a rebellion against Bustamente due to the latter's brutal regime and his persecution of indigenous peoples. Guerrero was betrayed, captured and executed in Oaxaca on 14 February 1831. (Richmond, 616-618)

He was a mason, like Carlos María de Bustamente, a member of the York Rite Grand Lodge India Azteca. (Racine, 539) .

In 1827, R.W. Hardy alluded to rumours that Guerrero “called by his partizans the ‘Hero of the Revolution’ [… had] betrayed his friend General Bravo into the hands of his recent enemies." Hardy made no further comment: "I shall say nothing. Time will unravel what is at present enveloped in mystery.” (Hardy, 519-20)

Rodríguez gives his birth date as 10 August 1783. (C. Rodríguez)

Life Events

Born 1782He was born in Tixtla, Estado de Mexico, on 4 April 1782.
Born 1783He may have been born on 10 August 1783 in Tuxtla Gutiérrez.
Other 1810He joined Morelos's army on 15 December 1810.
Other 1821He backed Iturbide.
Other 1823He conspired against Iturbide, was wounded in battle in January 1823.
Other 1829He was President of Mexico from April to December 1829.
Other 1830He led a counter-insurgency against Anastasio Bustamente.
Died 1831He was executed on 14 February 1831.


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