Gendering Latin American Independence
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Agustín de Iturbide

Other names/titles:
Gender: M
Ethnic origin: White

Biographical details

An upper-class Creole, born in Michoacán in 1783. He married in 1805. He supported Pedro Garibay, who was imposed as Viceroy over José de Iturrigaray. He fought against Hidalgo, but became disillusioned with the royalists. In 1821 he was sent to capture Vicente Guerrero in Oaxaca and to persuade him to accept a pardon. Instead he negotiated with Guerrero and announced the Plan de Iguala in February 1821. There would be a limited monarchy. But once he became leader, Iturbide's rule was authoritarian. Opposition grew, Iturbide stood down, and went into exile in Europe in May 1823 with the promise of a pension, provided he never return to Mexican soil. He returned in 1824, claiming that Mexicans wanted his return, but he was captured and shot in Tamaulipas. (Richmond, 711-713)

He attended La Güera Rodríguez's tertulias in Mexico City. (Gueda, 1286)

Rodríguez gives his birth date as 27 September 1773 (Valladolid) and states that he was shot at Padilla on 19 July 1824. (C. Rodríguez)

Life Events

Born 1773He may have been born in Valladolid on 27 September 1773.
Born 1783He was born in Michoacán.
Married 1805
Other 1821He was commissioned to capture Vicente Guerrero.
Other 1821He became Emperor of independent Mexico.
Other 1823He was sent into exile in Europe.
Died 1824He was shot as he returned to Mexico on 19 July 1824.


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