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Antonia Peña de Baz y Guzmán (Raz) "Serafina Rosier"

Other names/titles:
Gender: F
Ethnic origin: Unknown

Biographical details

She was a member of the Mexican insurgent group, Sociedad de los Guadalupes. With Señora del Río, she took a printing press and a linotype to the battle field from where El Ilustrador Mexicano was published. (Domenella, p.368)

Members of the Sociedad de los Guadalupes, established just after September 1810, included lawyers, priests, owners, merchants, and several women. They were linked by social and family ties. Her husband Juan Bautista Raz y Guzmán was a member of the group. (Gueda, 50)

The wife of Manuel Díaz, they were both members of the Sociedad de los Guadalupes. Her finca was a meeting place where correspondence was received and sent. She collaborated with the escape of José María Gallegos and José Mariano Martínez in 1812 and was arrested. She helped to bring in the printing press in 1812. She corresponded with Miguel Arriaga Díaz under the pseudonym Serafina Rosier. She was widowed and later married Juan Bautista Raz y Guzmán, another member of the Sociedad. (Gueda, a, 374-375)

In 1814 she corresponded with the insurgents. After the death of her husband, Dr Díaz, she used the pseudonym Serafina Posier. (Miquel i Vergés, 457)

See Manuela Peña de Díaz - this could be the same person.

Life Events

Other 1810She was a member of the Sociedad de Guadalupes.
Other 1812She was arrested for her pro-independence activities.
Other 1814She was in correspondence with the insurgents.


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