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Juana del Pino de Rivadavia

Other names/titles:
Gender: F
Ethnic origin: White

Biographical details

Born in Montevideo on 28 December 1786, the daughter of Joaquín del Pino and Rafaela de Vera y Pintado. The family moved to Buenos Aires in 1801 (from Chile) when Joaquín del Pino became Viceroy. She met Bernardo Rivadavia and they married on 14 August 1809. In 1814 Rivadavia left for a mission to Rio de Janerio with Belgrano and they went from the to Paris. Juana del Pino was left behind and unable to contact Rivadavia, during this time her mother and one of her daughters died. Rivadavia returned in 1821 and in 1823 established the Sociedad de Beneficencia. Juana del Pino played an important part, although Rivadavia did not want her to feature in the first commission. After the fall of the Unitarians Rivadavia lived quietly with del Pino from 1829-34. Shortly after this they had to go into exile to Rio de Janeiro. In 1841 she fell and broke her leg and died six weeks later on 14 December 1841. (Sosa de Newton, 496-497)

The daughter of Joaquín del Pino and wife of Bernardo de Rivadavia, she was friends with Javiera Carrera and wrote to her from Buenos Aires in December 1821 when Carrera was in Montevideo commiserating the death of José Miguel Carrera and offering hospitality to Javiera. (Vergara Quiroz, 112)

Life Events

Born 1786She was born in Montevideo, 28 December 1786.
Other 1801Her father became Viceroy and the family moved to Buenos Aires.
Married 1809She married Bernardo Rivadavia in Buenos Aires on 14 August 1809.
Other 1820Her husband was provisional president of Argentina.
Other 1821She sent condolences to Javiera Carrera in December 1821.
Other 1826Her husband was president from 1826 to 1827.
Other 1834She went into exile to Rio de Janeiro about this time.
Died 1841She died in Rio de Janeiro on 14 December 1841.


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