Gendering Latin American Independence
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Francisco Javier Mariategui

Other names/titles: Marca Martillo, Patricio Matamoros
Gender: M
Ethnic origin: White

Biographical details

Born 22 November 1793, he studied in San Carlos, Lima, and worked for the independence cause from an early age. He was a member of a liberal group. He signed the oath of independence. He held government offices from 1821-42 and was in the Supreme Court from 1852-69. He used pseudonyms Marca Martillo and Patricio Matamoros. He died in 1884. (Romero de Valle, 194)

He was Secretary of the Sociedad Patriótica de Lima, was founded in Lima in 1822 by Bernardo de Monteagudo (pro monarchy). Republicans formed a minority in this all-male society. In 1834 Mariategui obtained the original acts of the Sociedad for the Biblioteca Nacional (Lima). (Romero de Valle, 302.)

One of the founders of Independence, he was an anti-clerical, liberal Republican, an orator, journalist and polemicist. He was also a mason. He contributed to El Correo> in 1840. He founded the newspaper La Abeja Republicana in 1822. It ran from 8 August 1822 to 7 June 1823. (Basadre, 124-126)

He is said to have attended Campusano's tertulias in Lima. (Estrada, 48)

He contributed to La Abeja Republicana. (Martínez Riaza, 77.)

He claimed that women were the best apostles of Bolívar's exploits. (Neuhaus Rizo, 120-121.)

Life Events

Born 1793He was born on 22 November 1793.
Died 1884


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