Gendering Latin American Independence
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Jaime Bausate y Mesa

Other names/titles: Bauzate, Francisco Antonio Cabello y Mesa, Aristarco, Midósolo, Filomito, Eumolpo, Arcadio
Gender: M
Ethnic origin: White

Biographical details

Born in Estremadura, Spain, in 1765, he was also known as Francisco Antonio Cabello y Mesa. His first paper was the Diario de Madrid that appeared in 1790 and lasted for 2 years. (Rosas Lauro, 146)

He founded El Diario Curioso, Erudito, Económico y Comercial de Lima in 1790 and edited it until 1792. (Martínez Riaza, 29).

He founded and edited the Diario de Lima, 1790-1793. De Valle claims this was the first diario in South America. The first edition came out on 1 October 1790. To sustain it, Bausate formed a society called Filopolitica, whose members used Greek pseudonyms. Subscription cost 15 reales monthly. In 1792, Viceroy Gil de Taboada replaced him as “no conveniente para la tarea”. Martín Saldaña took his place. The paper ceased publication on 26 September 1793. The society and the diario only lasted 2 years despite the protection of Viceroy Gil de Taboada y Lemus. (Romero de Valle, 45, 106, 302.)

He married María Dolores Blanco. (Medina, 214)

(Related to Manuela Mesa and Dolores Mesa?)

Life Events

Other 1790He founded El Diario Erudito in 1790.


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