Gendering Latin American Independence
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Ana María Perichón de Vandeuil de O'Gorman

Other names/titles: La Perichona
Gender: F
Ethnic origin: White

Biographical details

From Buenos Aires, she was also known as "La Perichona".

She caused a scandal due to her affair with Santiago Liniers, (who commanded the militia forces that expelled the English invaders in 1806-07) and for allowing her house to be used for meetings of the resistance. It was said that she wore a military uniform and provoked a response that obliged her to flee to Rio de Janiero. (Seibel, 20-21.)

She was the grandmother of Camila O'Gorman.

She had an affair with Viceroy Santiago de Liniers. She was exiled to her ranch due to her scandalous behaviour. (Socolow, 163)

The Robertson brothers described her around 1808, "I was introduced to Viceroy Liniers, whose star was visibly on the wane. He held the reins of government very loosely, under the control of his audiencia and cabildoñ while the then celebrated Madame O'Gorman was the sole arbitress of his domestic concerns, and of the bestowal of his domestic patronage. [...] The most splendid tertulias were given by Madame; and I saw congregated, night after night, at her house, such specimins of female beauty and vivacity, as would have excited envy, or commanded admiration in an English ball-room. He describes her as French with a brother living Corrientes. She gave Robertsons a letter of introduction to him. "The lady had procured for her brother the appointment of post-master general of the province". (Robertson, Vol. 1, 176-180, 251)

Life Events

Other 1807She fled to Rio de Janeiro after 1807.


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