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Mariana Carcelén y Larrea, Marquesa de Solanda (Carcelen)

Other names/titles:
Gender: F
Ethnic origin: White

Biographical details

The Marquesa de Solanda, Quito, she was the daughter of Enrique Carcelén, born around 1796. Her father took part in the Chillo conspiracy when she was aged 14. She was seen by General Sucre on a balcony as she threw flowers on the victors of the battle of Pichincha, as the army entered Quito. Sucre was then sent to Bolivia, but married her by proxy on 20 April 1828 using his friend, Ecuadorian colonel Vicente Aguirre as his stand-in. They were reunited on 30 September 1828, but lived together for just 11 months. (Rondon Márquez, 43-46.)

She was invited to a reception at the Casa Azul on 26 May 1822 where she met Sucre. He was unable to resist her blue eyes. (Carvajal, 34-39).

She is described by Arias as a gentle, elegant aristocrat. She and Sucre had a daughter, Teresa. (Arias, 336-337)

Related to the Quito nobility Montúfar y Larrea?

Life Events

Born 1796She was born around 1796.
Married 1828She met and married Sucre.


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