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Bernardo Vera y Pintado

Other names/titles:
Gender: M
Ethnic origin: Unknown

Biographical details

Born in Río de la Plata province in 1780, he studied at the Universidad de Córdova, and arrived in Chile in 1799, accompanying his aunt, Rafaela Vera and her husband, governor Joaquín del Pino (Pino later became Viceroy of Buenos Aires). Vera stayed in Chile and became a lawyer for the Real Audiencia, he also held a university post where he became noted for his literary ingenuity. He was arrested in 1810 on suspicion of subversive activity and was taken to Valparaiso, but returned to Santiago in July 1810 when governor García Carrasco had been replaced by Matro de Toro Zambrano, Conde de la Conquista. He attended the tertulias of María Luisa Esterripa, the wife of the new governor, Muñoz de Guzmán. He became the first diputado to Buenos Aires in September 1810. He contributed to Henríquez's Aurora de Chile, and the two became good friends. He went into exile to Buenos Aires in 1814 after the defeat of Rancuaga, but returned with the Ejército de los Andes as Auditor of War. In 1819 he was commissioned to write the national anthem. His composition was sung at civic fiestas until the mid-nineteenth century. He was a diputado in congress in 1824, and a professor at the National Institute. He died on 27 August 1827. (Silva Castro, 65-67)

He is said to have attended Luisa Recabarren's tertulias. (Grez, 63)

He worked with Camilo Henríquez at Aurora de Chile. (Coester, 21-52)

Related to Rafaela Francisca Vera y Pintado?

Life Events

Born 1780He was born in Río de la Plata Province.
Other 1799He arrived in Chile.
Other 1810He was arrested.
Other 1814He went into exile following the defeat at Rancagua.
Other 1819He was commissioned to write the national anthem.
Other 1824He became a diputado.
Died 1827He died on 27 August 1827, Santiago de Chile.


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