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Juana Ramírez

Other names/titles: La Avanzadora
Gender: F
Ethnic origin: Mestizo/a

Biographical details

She is variously said to have been born in Chaguaramas, Guárico, Cumaná and Petare (all Venezuela). From a poor background, she washed clothes for a living. She is described as "auténtica criolla de color entre claro y moreno". She was generous and, despite her roots, commanded an air of authority. She worked as a nurse during the independence battles, caring for the injured and burying the dead. In 1813, under the direction of Manuel Piar, she was a member of "Las Mujeres", a women's battalion that fought alongside Comandante Villapol in Maturín. There are many myths about her; and this account acknowledges her bravery and prowess with the sword. (N.A., Heroínas, 25-27)

She helped to organise a battalion of women (Las Mujeres) who fought to defend Maturín, Venezuela. (Cherpak, 222.)

She was known as "La Avanzadora" after she led a women's battalion in the battles of independence.

Life Events

Other 1813She led a women's battalion.


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