Gendering Latin American Independence
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Ricardo Palma

Other names/titles:
Gender: M
Ethnic origin: Mulatto/a

Biographical details

Born in 1833, the illegitimate son of mulattos Pedro Palma and Guillerma Carillo. He published poems in the newspaper El Comercio in 1848. In 1860 he took part in a conspiracy against Ramón Castillo (later his friend). He lived in exile in Chile from 1860-1863; then went to Europe (London, Paris and Venice). In 1868 he was President José Balta's personal secretary. He was director of the National Library from 1883-1911. He died in Miraflores on 6 October 1919. (Keightly, 613-614)

He wrote historical anecdotes, from whatever took his fancy in the newspapers. (Coaster, 254-255)

He was friend of Rosa Campusano's son, Alejandro. Palma met Campusano in 1846 and described her beauty. (Estrada, 48-50)

He wrote about Juana la Marimacho.

Life Events

Born 1833He was born in Lima on 7 February 1833.
Other 1846He met Rosa Campusano in Lima.
Other 1848He published poems in the newspaper El Comercio, Peru.
Other 1860He took part in a conspiracy against President Ramón Castillo.
Other 1861He was in exile in Chile from 1860-1863.
Other 1864He travelled to Europe (London, Paris, Venice).
Other 1868He was Secretary to President José Balta.
Married 1876He married Cristina Román.
Other 1883He was director of the National Library from 1883-1911.
Died 1919He died on 6 October 1919, Miraflores.


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