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University of Nottingham

Diary for 2014



GENIUS is the main sponsor of the University Challenge, part of the European Satellite Navigation Competition (ESNC).  GENIUS partners will be running workshops to support students and researchers interested in taking part in the competition.  Dates and venues for the 2014 competition will be announced shortly. 


3-5 March                                                  

Professional Training Course:  "Fundamentals of GNSS" Politecnico di Torino, Italy

1 April to 30 June                                             

Submission phase for the University Challenge Competition for innovative ideas using GNSS, originating from students and staff at universities and research institutions.                                

8-10 April                                                 

Professional Training Course, "GNSS Integrity Monitoring" GSA Offices Prague, Czech Republic

4-6 June                                                   

Professional Training Course  "Multi-sensor Positioning"  The University of Nottingham, UK

7-9 October                                                 

Professional Training Course"GNSS Receiver Signal Processing" ENAC, Toulouse France


17-19 November                                            

Professional Training Course "Vulnerabilities of GNSS" The University of Nottingham, UK





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