GNSS Education Network for Industry and UniversitieS (GENIUS)GENIUS
GNSS Education Network for Industry and UniversitieS
University of Nottingham

Satellite Navigation Universities Network (SUN)


 The central link for education

The Satellite Navigation University Network is now part of the GENIUS project.  It was set up to encourage GNSS Universities to work together to share expertise, with the aim of benefiting and informing students, representatives from industry and politicians.

Getting involved

If you want to find out more, or become involved with the Network, visit the SUN website.  Providers of GNSS education and GNSS users are welcome!

The focus of SUN activities

  • It aims to increase cooperation between partners and industry, as well as national and European organisations like GSA, EC and ESA regarding questions of education in satellite navigation.
  • It wants to connect education and industry to meet today's requirements and to develop concepts for education in GNSS taking into consideration new educational programmes.
  • It is led by academics to ensure the content will meet the needs of today's classrooms.
  • Its objectives are to support students at undergraduate and graduate levels with information on GNSS education, specific courses and training in satellite navigation, tailored to their specific needs.
  • It will provide information for professionals looking for information on GNSS courses.
  • It supports students looking for a foreign masters/PhD advisers (within the group of SUN members), information on funding and jobs/internships. 

GNSS Education Network for Industry and Universities