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GEP is pleased to have formal links to a number of cognate Research Centres and Institutes worldwide, details of which can be found on this site. GEP of course uses data from external sources.

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Internal links

The China Research Group

The China Research Group (CRG) is an international community of scholars under-taking evidence-based research on Chinese business and economics. It is part of Nottingham University Business School. GEP's internal fellow contact is Professor Lina Song.

External links

GEP has formal links with a number of centres and institutes with a similar research focus. These links are active and provide opportunities for exchanges of researchers, joint conferences and collaborative research. Our current links are with:


Research Institute of Industrial Economics, Stockholm

The Research Institute of Industrial Economics is a private non-profit research institution founded to conduct research on economic and social issues with relevance for industrial development. GEP's contact is Dr Fredrik Sjöholm.

Nihon University Centre for China and Asian Studies

Center for China and Asian Studies (CCASS) is affiliated to the Collegae of Economics of Nihon University, and directed by Professor Mitsuo Honda. We foster scholarly research on diversification and flexibility for Asia. GEP's contact is Dr Nao Ijiri.


Centre D'Etudes Prospectives et d'Information Internationales (CEPII)

CEPII is France's leading institute for research on the international economy. GEP's contact at CEPII is Dr Sebastien Jean.

centre for international economic studies

Centre for International Economic Studies, University of Adelaide

The Centre was established to strengthen teaching, research and policy analysis in international economics and closely related disciplines. One of its objectives is to improve public understanding of international economic issues, especially among policy makers. GEP's contact at CIES is Professor Kym Anderson.

european trade study group

European Trade Study Group

The European Trade Study Group (ETSG) is a forum for academic discussion and research on international trade among European universities and research institutes. Participation in ETSG activities is open to all academic and research economists. GEP's contact at the ETSG is Professor Ian Wooton.

Centre for International Development, Harvard University

GEP has a link to the Global Trade Negotiations, which is an online information resource for all those interested in topics related to international trade. The site is part of the Centre for International Development at Harvard University and is under the guidance of Professors Dani Rodrik and Robert Lawrence.


Institut für Weltwirtschaft (IfW) at the University of Kiel

The IfW undertakes research in many areas of international economics. Perhaps the area most closely related to our research is the Programme on 'Growth and European Labour Markets'. GEP's contact is Professor Harmen Lehment.

Mid-West International Economics Group

The Mid-West International Economics Group was founded in 1981 to foster and encourage research in International Trade. GEP's contact is Professor Ray Riezman.

murphy institute

The Murphy Institute at Tulane University

The Institute is an international centre for advanced research and scholarship by humanists and social scientists who study the interrelations of politics and economics. GEP's contact is Professor Doug Nelson.

Forum for Research in Empirical International Trade (FREIT)

FREIT is an international organisation dedicated to furthering research in the field of empirical international economics. The Forum has been developed as an umbrella organisation for resources available to empirical international trade researchers. It is directed by Professor Jon Haveman.

WIIW, Vienna

WIIW is an independent research institute. It's primary emphasis is on analysing economic and structural developments in Europe and China, conducting studies on EU integration, researching reconstruction and stabilisation in South East Europe and performing comparative analyses of global development. GEP's contact is Professor Michael Landesmann.


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