Nottingham Centre for Research on
Globalisation and Economic Policy (GEP)

Workshop on Trade and Labour Market Adjustment

Held on 28th-29th March 1998 at The University of Nottingham

  • David Greenaway, Robert Hine and Peter Wright (University of Nottingham)
    "Trade and Wage Adjustment in the UK"  
  • Joe Francois (Erasmus University, Rotterdam) and Doug Nelson (Tulane University)
    "Trade and Wage Linkages: General Equilibrium Perspectives"
  • Christine Greenhalgh, Mary Gregory and Ben Zissimos (University of Oxford)
    "The Impact of Trade, Technology Change and Final Demand on the Skills Structure of UK Employment"
  • Peter Lloyd (University of Melbourne)
    "Globalisation and International Factor Movements"
  • Adrian Wood (University of Sussex)
    "A More General Theory of Globalisation and Wage Inequalities"
  • Doug Nelson (Tulane University)
    "Treating the Stolper-Samuelson Theorem Seriously: The Granger Causal Relationship between Changes in Relative Commodity Prices and Relative Factor Prices"
  • Mary Amiti (La Trobe University)
    "Labour Skills and Industrial Location"
  • Jonathan E. Haskel (Queen Mary and Westfield College and CEPR) and Matthew J. Slaughter (Dartmouth College and NBER)
    "Does the Sector Bias of Skill-Biased Technological Change Explain Changing Wage Inequality?"
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