Nottingham Centre for Research on
Globalisation and Economic Policy (GEP)

Internationalisation and Policy Transfer

Conference hosted jointly by GEP and Murphy Institute of Political Economy

Held at Tulane University, New Orleans on 11th and 12th April, 2003.

Convenors: Alan Duncan (University of Nottingham and GEP) and Doug Nelson (Tulane University and GEP)

With increasing globalisation of economic activity, there are more opportunities to 'learn' from experiences of policy interventions elsewhere. Although the public and social policy decision making process continues to be fashioned largely by national priorities, it is nonetheless also the case that more than ever before national policy decisions are being informed by international experiences and policy structures. The arena of policy transfer is broad, yet the mechanisms, consequences and limitations of co-ordination, convergence or transfer of policy have only recently begun to be explored. Alan Duncan and Doug Nelson are organising an international workshop to discuss these important and topical issues.


Panel I. Theoretical and Methodological Issues in Policy Learning, Transfer and Convergence

Panel II. Characterizing Policy Transfer, Learning and Convergence


Panel III. Macroeconomic Policy


Panel IV. International Trade/Competition Policy


Panel V. The Welfare State

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