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Conference on 'China and The World Economy'

GEP is delighted to announce the establishment of a branch of its Research Centre at the University of Nottingham, Ningbo, China. The launch of this branch of GEP coincided with:

A major international conference held in Ningbo on 6th and 7th November, 2008.

Professor David Greenaway addresses conference. Papers available below:-

  • Yang Yao, Peking University
    The Implications of the Chinese Experience for the Developing World
  • Jiadong Tong, Nankai University 
    Trade Balance and Government Policy in China
  • David Greenaway, GEP, University of Nottingham 
    Has China Displaced Other Asian Countries� Exports?
  • Zhihao Yu, Carleton University 
    Demographic Dynamics and Economic Take-off: the Economic Impact of China's Population-Control Policy
  • Fuku Kimura, Keio University, Japan (with Ayako Obashi, Keio University) 
    East Asian Production Networks and the Rise of China: Regional Diversity in Export Performance
  • Robert Elliott, University of Birmingham 
    Growth, FDI and Environment - Evidence from Chinese Cities (with Cole and Zhang)
  • Kui-Wai Li, City University, Hong Kong (with Tung Liu and Lihong Yun) 
    Decomposition of Economic Growth and Productivity Change in Post-reform China
  • Innwon Park, Korea University (with Professor Soonchan Park) 
    Free Trade Agreements versus Customs Unions: An Examination of East Asia
  • Zhihong Yu, GEP, University of Nottingham (co-authored with Richard Kneller) 
    Quality Selection, Chinese Exports and Theories of Heterogeneous Firm Trade
  • Xianguo Yao, Zhejiang University 
    The Dual Dualism of Labor Markets Segmentation in China: Theory and Evidence
  • Peter Egger, University of Munich
    Mode of Market Participation of Chinese Firms: Theory and Evidence (with Zhihong Yu)
  • Albert Hu, National University of Singapore 
    Propensity to Patent, Competition and China's Foreign Patenting Surge
  • Stephen Morgan, University of Nottingham (with Shujie Yao and Dan Luo) 
    Impact of the US Credit Crunch and Housing Market Crisis on China
  • Alessandra Guariglia, GEP, University of Nottingham (with D. Greenaway and Z. Yu) 
    The more the better? Foreign ownership and corporate performance in China
  • Jun Zhang, Fudan University
    What Can We Learn from China's Economic Transformation?

As part of the Conference, Professor Shujie Yao presented the inaugural The World Economy Annual China Lecture, on the topic ' Understanding China's Stock Market Bubble and Crash during 2006-2008: An Economic and Psychological Analysis'.

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